Seeking Talents is a professional recruitment and placement organisation which aims in providing tailored recruitment & staffing solutions. We help small / medium business as well as large corporates & multi-nationals – find the right candidates for their organisations. We pride ourselves in our work ethic and make sure that this flows through our dealings.

Why Seeking Talents


An ethical, honest and transparent approach to service delivery. We work at highest standards of professional integrity, impartiality and respect. We have a firm desire to be successful. We thrive on positive outcomes from our candidates, our peers and our partner employers.

Respect & Caring

Our team always put people's interest first, and our goal is to develop partnerships based on mutual trust and respect. We treat everyone with uncompromising respect, civility and fairness. We work closely to serve you with the best of the ability and help you in achieving what you want and in return achieving our mission and vision.


We work as a team and share knowledge for continuous improvement, learning and innovation. We constantly improve by understanding our partner’s expectations to ensure successful outcomes. Our goal is to develop partnerships based on mutual trust and respect.


We understand our accountability to fulfill our commitments to our colleagues and clients. We act with honesty, integrity and thoughtfulness.


We are empowered to deliver operational excellence through innovation and leadership at all levels. We encourage, support and strive for individual growth and development.

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We know what it means to be unemployed, rejected and disregarded. We understand the risk people have taken in their lives to reach their aim.

Increasing unemployment among the students and fresh graduates is a major problem in the Australian job market. A gap between employers and employees prevents the unemployed form getting jobs. Some of the reasons being:

  • PR and work rights
  • Exploitation in the name of interships
  • Getting jobs through networks only
  • Roopika and Devna, both being immigrants have faced the similar problems, in their past, Now, with their experience and knowledge, they want to hep the graduates and prevent them from facing what they faced. We don't wait for the change;we drive the change we want to see in Australian job market.